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Writing Resources

Here is a list of my favourite writing resources.

Some of these links are affiliate links, but I don't link to anything I wouldn't recommend regardless.

The Novel Factory

Software for novel writers.

I'm completely biased, but I made this software in order to meet all the needs I had as a writers, so it's hardly surprising I think it's the best thing out there. It's designed to help new writers learn their craft while completing their first manuscript and to help experienced writers become more productive. It includes plot templates, character profiles and so much more.


Online editing software for writers

The software addresses readability issues such as passive and hidden verbs, over-reliance on adverbs, repeated sentence starts, emotional tells and much more. These suggestions are the same as a professional copyeditor would give you (in fact many of them use ProWritingAid).

Cracking Yarns

Blog by Hollywood Screenwriter Allen Palmer

One of my favourite blogs on the art of creating a moving story.

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